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Test tank linings - product information

Ultrasonic Tank Wall Linings (20 kHz to 10 MHz)

Acoustic output measurements or ultrasonic testing in general can be strongly affected by reflections or echoes from test tank walls. This is particularly true for long toneburst or continuous-wave ultrasonic applications. To overcome this, test tanks should be coated with linings which must be of low ultrasonic reflection yet highly absorbent to ultrasound. The current range of materials have been designed specifically to meet these requirements spanning a frequency range of 20 kHz to 10 MHz. Research continues towards expanding the operating frequency range.

Precision Acoustics Ltd is the sole appointed agent for the range of acoustic materials developed by the National Physical Laboratory and Acoustic Polymers Ltd.

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Aptflex F28 absorber for anechoic tank linings for MHz use
Aptflex F36 Aptflex F28 supplied as a two-part mix
Aptflex F48 absorber for anechoic test tank linings for use 50kHz to 1MHz
Apltile S5048 single-ply absorber with a structured surface for use above 10kHz 
Aptflex F41 acoustic putty to bond acoustic tiles together

tank lining installation

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